Thank you for your interest in Uncles Around the Bend #8

March 19th - 22nd, 2015! 

Mail all hardcopies with check to:   Peter Shaddock    Attn: Big Bend   1523 Fairview Dr.      Sugar Land, TX       77479 

Note:  Rally registration includes Welcome Dinner Thursday night, Friday and Saturday Breakfast Buffet, Banquet Saturday night, T Shirt, and Ride Map

Full Name:                                                                                                        
Street Address:  
Apartment / PO Box  
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Phone Number:  
Emergency Contact:  
Emergency Phone Number  
Email Address:                                                                                      
Rally Registration       $90      <<<Circle 
Rally Registration - No Tee or Early Mail       $80      <<<Circle 
Desert Challenge Fri Mar 20       $25 with Trophy  <<<Circle       $15 without Trophy  <<<Circle                  
Adventure Challenge Sat Mar 20       $25 with Trophy  <<<Circle       $15 without Trophy  <<<Circle
Dos Y Dos Challenge Sat Mar 20       $20 with Trophy  <<<Circle       $10 without Trophy  <<<Circle
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Upcharge       $5         <<<Circle
Big Bend Ride Guide       $25       <<<Circle (All proceeds go to the Author,"Trail Boss" Richard Gibbens)
Total:       _______________   < Write In Total $$$

Notes for using Paypal to register:

  • Your physical address and name on file within Paypal will determine where your welcome package and tee shirt will be mailed.  So please, if you want it shipped anywhere other than what Paypal defaults to, put notes in to let us know where to send your stuff
  • Make sure to input your telephone number, emergency contact name and number, and if you want us to use a nickname or screenname
  • Use a separate transaction for each attendee so we can keep it all straight.  You can also pay for a friend, and let us know where to send your friend's stuff and what their name is.  
  • Add each item to cart, then hit continue shopping to get back to this page, add the next item, and finally hit checkout with paypal button to go to Paypal to pay for everything all at once
  • If you pay by credit card, you will have to cover the credit card fee depending on card type
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